Compo & Nora

Compo and Nora Bears are based on their much loved namesakes from the BBC Television series Last of the Summer Wine, played for many years by Bill Owen and Kathy Staff.

The programme, which was mostly filmed on location in and around Holmfirth, was transmitted on British terrestrial television from 1973 to 2010 and is still shown around the world to this day.

A total of 295 episodes were completed including a number of feature length specials and the series also spawned a spin off series on BBC Radio, a newspaper comic strip and a novel.

Compo Bear is a loveable, scruffy scallywag, always getting into scrapes and up to mischief. He is much in love with his house-proud neighbour Nora Bear and, although she prefers not to admit it, she is secretly rather fond of him.

Compo and Nora Bears can be purchased directly from our online shop for 12.99 each plus postage and packing. Or alternatively seek them out at retailers in and around Holmfirth.

Compo and Nora
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